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Hello! We’re

Self-Care Social Hour

Chances are, if you’ve landed here -- we like you. We get you. We are/were you! (Okay, not exactly - but you get it). Are you:

  • Busy, busy, busy but not feeling your best? Or just wanting more quality time with your friends?
  • “Fine” but ...not really. On paper things look good, but you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or blah.
  • Raising your eyebrow at one more self-care thing, but’re curious because you know that something needs to change, but you’re not sure what?

Nice to meet you.

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How’s this work?

We make it easier to connect with others and take care of yourself in a meaningful way. Through playful activities and purposeful resources we get real with the challenges and opportunities of self-care.

Let’s get talking – in your own friend or community groups, in our online classes, 1:1 coaching/counseling, or journaling with yourself.

Switch it up.


We believe in conversation. The support and reflection that happens when we engage with others (and with ourselves) helps us identify and practice meaningful self-care.


We get real and talk challenges. Our skepticism helps us uncover practical and authentic ways of caring for ourselves and each other.


Fun/play is a form of self-care in itself, but it also connects us. It can also be surprisingly helpful in discovering what’s a good fit for our lives/needs/wants/etc.

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Self-Care is EVERYWHERE! It’s easy to roll our eyes at it, feel guilty about it, or feel like it’s never enough. We get it (we’ve been there!). But as self-professed skeptics we have to shout it out — we’ve seen the light! Meaningful self-care can truly help make your life healthier, happier, and more you.

Finding what really works has been messy and weird and not always easy, but we’ve developed an approach to self-care that is down-to-earth, meaningful, and sustainable too. We help people find their own blend of healthy that makes

a real impact on their daily lives.

What’s next?

  • Visit our store if you’d like resources to host your own social hour, sign up for our online class, or schedule a consultation call to see if self-care focused counseling or coaching is for you.
  • Join a live in-person meet-up or work with us to facilitate your own event.
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Hey! That’s me. Kelsey Wild, LCSW, founder of Self-Care Social Hour. Motherhood, social work, my own mental health struggles and my father’s illness and death made me a reluctant self-care convert. Now it’s my mission to help others find their own power through a community of self-care.

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Let’s get the party started.


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While therapeutic in nature, the Self-Care Social Hour website is not therapy. All activities, events, and coaching services do not serve as a substitute for therapy. Only verified counseling session(s) are therapy.

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