Vulnerability is Scary Self-Care

Vulnerability is Scary Self-Care

I feel naked. Like that kind of dream you have in middle school where you get to school and realize with horror that you’re totally butt-naked. You feel completely vulnerable. Also, you probably feel a little chilly.

Launching a blog (or really promoting my blog) fills me with a certain kind of horror-tinged, anxiety-brimming vulnerability. And vulnerability is all kinds of scary.

With vulnerability comes the possibility of embarrassment, shame, and failure. But without vulnerability you lose the opportunity to find meaning and connection. And when it comes down to it, those are the things that really make life worth living.

If you haven’t listened to/watched Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability please do yourself a favor and check it out here. It’s incredibly insightful and fun to watch. She speaks much more eloquently than I can about the opportunities that exist within being vulnerable.

My version of jumping into vulnerability as a form of self-care

I’m taking that fear in vulnerability and using it. Because the truth is, we need to have that kind of fear in our lives. It keeps us alive. It keeps us human. And if we have it in the right balance it keeps us healthy too. Getting too comfortable in anything is dangerous. We take things for granted and we let things slip. Our health included.

For most of us, no one can truly care for our own health the way we can do it ourselves. We need support in this, but this practice of “self-care” (activities we do ourselves to manage our health) is an ongoing process that we engage in on a daily basis. Did you brush your teeth today? Avoid a donut? Hug your kids? Take a deep breath? In my opinion, all of these things can be types of self-care.

But self-care can also be messier and more complicated than these practical things. Self-care is also about being honest with ourselves and being more self-aware. It’s about living out our values in a meaningful way. And it’s about not avoiding what we care about because it’s scary or hard.

What does this have to do with this blog?

Which leads me to this little blog (and this big project … at least to me).  I’ve attempted blogs in the past – writing them like a private online journal – and I was never brave enough to share them with many people. I want it to be different this time. And so I will embrace this vulnerability and jump into it all with a kind of skinny-dipping madness like it’s something off a bucket-list (okay I’m done with the nudity metaphors).

I want connection. I want meaning. I want to feel/be healthy. And I want those things for others.

This blog is about self-care (as you might have cleverly guessed) and building a community around it. I suck at self-care. I need some people to get real with, laugh with, problem solve with, and call me out when I need it. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

Join this party as I try to tackle the subject with honesty, curiosity, and often a sense of humor.

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