Self-Care Strategy of the Week: Journaling

Self-Care Strategy of the Week: Journaling

So, small confession: I have a tendency to overthink, to ruminate or dwell on things, to get “stuck in my head” as the improv kids say.

There’s one thing that has helped me immensely over the years to combat this tendency to get swallowed up in my thoughts – watching hours and hours of the Golden Girls.

Just kidding, as much as I love Sophia and the girls, it’s not the thing I turn to when my thoughts go rampant. I run to my journal. It’s saved me so many times and it’s an essential ingredient in my own blend of self –care.

This week I’m challenging myself to making it back to my journal more often than I have in the recent past.

Here are a few helpful reminders for myself or for anyone else interested in doing this week’s self-care challenge (and please consider doing it, even if writing isn’t your kind of thing. It might just surprise you!)

  1. There’s no “wrong” way to journal. Don’t worry about spelling, grammar, or even making sense. Embrace the freedom that you can write whatever or however you want. Do what feels good. There’s even a practice called “Morning Pages” where you write out 3 pages right when you wake up and pour out whatever’s in your head. At times I found it enjoyable and freeing – other times kind of annoying, but it’s worth checking out if you’re intrigued.
  2. Privacy is important. I’ve worked with people before and they were hesitant to write out their thoughts for fear of the journal being discovered and read by others. I think that’s a valid concern, especially if you’re younger and sharing a space. If that’s the case, still write it out and rip it up and flush it if you want. There’s something powerful about writing something out even if you don’t keep it around for very long.
  3. Figure out what’s fun about journaling for you and do it. Maybe the visual side of a journal is more your thing – like collaging or sketching out cartoons. Maybe it’s the newfangled bullet journal idea – Little Coffee Fox has a nice post giving you the juicy tidbits of bullet journaling.
  1. . Try different strategies out to find your perfect match.

I’m sure there’s a lot more tips floating out there about journaling, but those are the gems that first came to my mind. I’ll try to research a bit when I report back later in the week.

What are your favorite ways to “journal”? What works for you to deal with thoughts that feel non-stop?

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