2019: The Year of Social Self-Care
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2019: The Year of Social Self-Care

Happy New Year! Oh wait, January is almost over?! Well, procrastination has always been a friend of mine. I’m going to start working on that … tomorrow. (Dropping some mom jokes on you!)

Honestly, this project has personally helped me get to a much healthier and happier place.  In 2019, I want to share it with more people online and in person. There are so many places out there that give great information on self-care practices, but Self-Care Social Hour has something different to offer.

Why Self-Care Social Hour is Something You Should Have in Your Life:

1.) It encourages a support network so you’re not doing self-care all on your own. 

Why? – We’re more likely to practice self-care this way. Whether it’s a pep-talk, a reality-check, or logistical support, we need other people in our lives for our health and well-being and they need us too.

How do we do it? — We’re working towards finding and creating resources that make it easier to build and maintain your support network – whether it’s in person and/or online.

2.) It acknowledges self-care is hard AND important. We got you.

Why? – We’re more likely to practice self-care when we’re honest about our struggles in making things happen. It’s also freeing to hear from others. When we acknowledge our honest struggles with the reality that our health matters, we can problem solve and make self-care more possible for ourselves.

How do we do it? — We look at the big picture (research nerds up in here!), but we also keep it down-to-earth in our real experiences of the everyday. We use a lot of honesty and humor to balance it all out.

3.) It advocates for self-care for all.

Why? — We’re in this thing together. The healthier we are as individuals the healthier our communities will be (and vice versa). 

How do we do it? —  We are working to get out into the community often and start conversations with people that have been traditionally left out of the “self-care conversation”.  We want their insight and collaboration on how to help more people practice self-care and overall preventive health practices. 

In short, Self-Care Social Project is special. I heard Oprah is getting excited about it. Okay, maybe that was just a dream

So 2019, let’s do this. Let’s make this self-care thing more real this year. Let’s make it meaningful and fun. And let’s do it together.

Challenge #1: Comment below on what you want to see on this website. Give me some of that sweet social action. 🙂

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