Laughter as Self-Care: Quick Guide

Laughter as Self-Care: Quick Guide

When was the last time you laughed so hard your stomach hurt or you let out an amazing snort? If you haven’t done it in a while, do yourself a favor and find a way where you laugh so much you’re scared you’ll pee your pants. Because laughter feels so good and it’s good for you! In fact, that sweet sound of a giggle erupting from the bottom of my belly is is my favorite form of self-care. 

What makes you laugh?

  • People falling over? See here for some giggles.
  • Or do you like your humor nice and dry – like a chunk of jerky? See here for some of The Office goodies.
  • My personal favorite is the absurd and bit of satire. Old “Late with Conan O’Brien” used to be my go-to, but Saturday Night Live remains my solid standard for weird stuff. It doesn’t always pan out but I’m up for the ride. Key & Peele also makes me laugh. This bit is weird, but it consistently gives me the giggles.
  • Humor is subjective. Find the stuff that you love and enjoy it with abandon. 

Your preference may be to hang out with real-live people who make you laugh. It could your best friend or a group of people who can get the laughter rolling. My dad was the king of finding funny in the everyday. In large groups or just the two of us, he could find humor and fun anywhere like some kind of magic. I attempt this too. Which brings me to … 

Why Humor/Laughter is My Favorite Form of Self-Care

There are times I even find myself chuckling alone, even in public, with maybe a “Sally-what’s-her-face” giving me the side eye. But guess what Sally?! I don’t care about your  side-eye. I don’t care because humor is my comfort and my shield against stress and sadness and grief. It gives me a boost of endorphins. It makes life fun and on some tough days — tolerable. Humor gives me a shift in perspective. It allows me to listen and to have greater empathy. Humor creates a greater awareness in me and an appreciation for uniqueness.

I know I’m in trouble when my sense of humor leaves me. When I’m overly stressed, angry, anxious, or depressed, humor is a stranger and I’m left alone. When this happens I’ve learned to lean on other forms of self-care to find my way back to the laughter. Laughter can be hard to find when you’re struggling with stress or mental health issues. It won’t “fix” your set of challenges, but it’s definitely a self-care activity that can help get me back on track. Self-Care Social Hour is also one of my ways back to some fun too.


Today I’m giving a shout-out to humor and all the healthy goodness it gives us. Here’s a little something to remind us of the benefits and tactics towards more joy. Take care of yourself this week and have some fun!

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