Choose Joy
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Choose Joy

Life is short (and so is this post). Choose joy whenever possible. Sometimes it feels impossible, but we have to fight for those moments when we can. Maybe it’s going after something big or maybe it’s just slowing down to grab it when it’s right there in front of you.

So, what is joy? Joy is an experience of great pleasure or delight. You can feel bits of joy even in moments of extreme despair. When my family and I sat with my dad as he passed, we spent the whole night together at his bedside. We held his hand, shared stories, and said our final words. We laughed and cried. I was far from happy – I was heartbroken. But at the same time, I remember some truly joyful moments of love.

I recently read a post that explored the differences between joy and happiness and how to cultivate joy. The author shares, “Joy is more consistent and is cultivated internally [than happiness].” She offers up some easy tips to make joy more a part of your life.

I know I need reminders to fight for joy whenever possible. Do you? If you need a little something, here are some weekend bits of inspiration:

Mary Oliver

Where do you find joy? How can we cultivate more of it?

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