Travel As a Form of Self-Care: Blog Collaboration with Sweet Simply Jenny
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Travel As a Form of Self-Care: Blog Collaboration with Sweet Simply Jenny

What’s your most unexpected form of self-care? Singing loudly to the radio? Binge-watching The Golden Girls? Nude catapulting? You might have said no to all of these, but there’s  plenty of fun and different things to try out. If singing, nudity, or Bea Arthur isn’t your thing, adding “travel” to your stash of self-care practices might be just the thing you need.

Travel has helped me grow, learn, and be a healthier person. When I’ve travelled in different cultures or for longer stretches of time, I was really forced to face bad habits and limited ways of being the world. Even when it’s a small little journey to a new place down the road, I’m called out of my comfort zone and that’s a good thing. I don’t travel nearly as much I would like these days, but I truly believe in the power of travel to help us be healthier human beings.

Collaboration with Sweet Simply Jenny

I was lucky enough to talk self-care with Jenny of Sweet Simply Jenny – a blog that takes a personal and in-depth look at the process of travel and self-development/self-care.

Jenny explains that “she is not only an advocate about self-care and self-love but also pushes others to grow through traveling adventures. Today, she shares her stories, tips and advice through blog posts and videos surrounding those themes.”

Please join Jenny as she shares her insights into the world of travel and self-care. And be sure to keep us updated on how you put an adventurous spirit into your own self-care practices.

Why is self-care important to you?

Self-care is taking care of myself daily and making sure I’m doing activities and things that I enjoy. Traveling is an activity I have to do for my self-care routine. If I could travel every day I would. Instead, for my every-day self-care, I have to journal, meditate, find quietness and be surrounded by nature. It is my happy place and being happy is what it’s all about. Self-love is also important to me because this is how I started my traveling and blogging journey and path. I noticed I wasn’t taking care of myself and not really loving myself. Blogging and traveling came from that. I was able to finally find myself and share my experiences and finally putting myself first. That is why self-care is important to me. I am finally being me and finally trying to tell others, you can do it too. You can be you and finally take care of yourself and do things that make you happy.

How do you practice self-care while traveling?

I practice my self-care routine everyday and so it is embedded into my habits. First thing I do is meditate and journal before even brushing my teeth! Doing this helps make it automatic because it’s already a part of my normal routine. So while I am out traveling, I become aware of what to bring and do that is making me happy. I carry my journal and pen with me. So no matter where I go, I have it right with me to write down my thoughts. I also love that you can do meditation anywhere and at any time.

Whether I am waiting at the airport, I can put on my headphones, put on meditation music and zone out. This is a practice. Self-care and self-love is a practice. Once you develop and strengthen that skill, you will be able to do it anywhere while traveling. If I am feeling lonely while traveling, I become aware of that and try to fill that with love within myself and then seek companionship whether calling up family or friends or meeting others on the road. But one has to become aware and disciplined while out traveling to make your self-care routine doable.

How do you practice self-care as a blogger?

Blogging is literally what I do every week on the side and it takes hours along with filming videos, editing, posting and juggling another part time job and full time job. I literally have to schedule self-care first thing in the morning and a little at night. While I’m blogging, I try to make sure I am conscious of how I am feeling. Self-care is realizing your needs and your emotions and making sure your cup is filled up before helping others. While I blog to help others, I have to make sure my cup is filled. So I become aware of my feelings and emotions before blogging a post so I am not trying to overwhelm myself and help others when I can’t help myself first.

Why is traveling a form of self-care for you?

Traveling truly makes me happy and it’s like a drug for me. People dream of settling down –  having a family and living with a white picket fence. One day I’ll want that to, but right now, traveling and connecting with others internationally and globally is something I can’t not do. It makes me happy and that is what I’ve been saying about being tied to self-care. Self-care is doing things daily that make you happy and making it a routine so that you are taking care of yourself. Traveling makes me happy and that is how I want to live my life by.

What tips do you have for people who want to make a big change in their life or get out of their comfort zone, such as traveling or being creative with a blog?

One of my tips is to JUST DO IT. Literally. The first step is the hardest. I remember asking others and people about their opinions and how I want to travel and make it part of my career and life but I don’t know what to do or how to do it. I heard others from so many others like a guy who worked in productions for NBC news- who literally traveled for 30 years in his career and even fly with President Bush on AirForce One years ago. He said, “It’s cliche but it’s true. Follow your passion. Just do it.” Now, for the past year, I have had over 1000 views on my blog, over 3000 views on my YouTube channel, I have traveled almost every month to new locations like Montreal, Miami, Texas, so many cities and now Argentina next month. I have had so many synchronicities in life regarding traveling, blogging and taking steps towards my dreams. Just DO it. Everything else will then sync.

How does travel help you find self-love/ self-acceptance/ authenticity?

Traveling is a reminder that this world is huge and that there is so much more to life. Knowing that helps me become aware that I have so much to give as well into this world and to help others. I have learned so much about myself traveling to new locations and learning from others that it automatically helped me find myself and love myself for who I am. Before when I didn’t love myself, I wouldn’t voice my opinion. I wouldn’t stand up for myself and I also gave too much that I was codependent and wasn’t aware. Traveling helped me get out from my comfort zone, challenge myself and change myself. It was for the best. I ended up rediscovering myself in ways that I can see myself in a new light. I always recommend others to travel and to find themselves in places that you then become addicted to accepting yourself and others.

A big thanks to Jenny of “Sweet Simply Jenny”. Be sure to check out her blog and catch the travel bug. 

Share in the comments below how you use travel for self-care! What’s your next adventure? 

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