Self-Care Social Hour is an event focused on starting a real conversation about self-care and taking care of our health. We talk the good, the bad, and the ugly and a way to make it work. We believe conversation helps make meaningful self-care more possible by normalizing challenges and inspiring change. 

Jump into the conversation in the following ways:

Our Mission

Self-Care Social Hour aims at getting real with the challenges and opportunities in self-care. It’s dedicated to all of us who struggle with making healthy happen. 

Our Vision

Self-care is for everyone. We strive to make it more accessible to more people through meaningful conversations, community-based events, and grassroots initiatives. We believe in self-care for all and the power of community in making that happen.

Kelsey Wild

Kelsey Wild


As the creator of Self-Care Social Hour I am the ultimate self-care guru. I never eat junk food, avoid confrontations, or struggle with body image.  Alright that’s not me. In reality,  I’m no guru – but I’m an advocate, a practitioner, and a facilitator of meaningful and messy (real-life) self-care for everyone — especially for those who don’t get it enough.

I came to this work somewhat begrudgingly. As a mom, wife, social worker, daughter, and human being, self-care felt like a luxury in the midst of everything else on my plate. But then I hit my breaking point and I knew I needed to make some real changes.

Self-Care Social Hour started from that same need to make changes as well as the desire to create a community to support, motivate, and inspire healthy behaviors. By taking the wisdom of real-life experiences and blending it with research-based strategies, Self-Care Social Hour has created a down-to-earth and meaningful experience for anyone looking to jumpstart their own healthy practices.

Professional Background

I’ve spent the past 15 years working on making positive change with others in education, the arts, and mental health/social work. I’ve had amazing and diverse professional experiences at  Columbia College Chicago (BA, Fiction Writing), the University of Chicago (AM, Social Service Administration), and my work in a variety of nonprofits and K-12 schools.

I’ve also had great training in various facilitation methods: Trauma-Informed Coaching, Technology of Participation (ToP) and improvisational theater at The Second City. All of these experiences come in handy when it comes to working with people. And I’d love to work with you.