Block! Party Mini-Workshop


In this workshop, we’ll go beyond the standard strategies of self-care and dive into the psychology that makes healthy habits stick. Too often we have good ideas (and good intentions) of how to be healthy, but the follow-through isn’t maintained. In Block! Party, we’ll take a down-to-earth look at the science of long-lasting behavior change and help you apply it to your life. 

And in true Self-Care Social Hour fashion, we aim to make it a welcoming and engaging experience where you can “choose your own adventure” with the level and type of your participation. 


Why a Mini-Workshop?

This event introduces concepts that will be explored in greater depth during our Block! Party workshop series offered in Spring of 2021. This shortened offering can help you decide if the longer series will be a good fit for you and your interests/needs. 

What will it cover? 

We’ll offer a practical overview of the science  of behavior change alongside reflective questions for you to explore during and after the event. 

A pdf guide is included with registration. We will look at how:

  • Your mindset impacts your motivation to take care of your health
  • Your skillset affects your ability to engage in healthy behaviors 
  • Your level of social support encourages or prevents healthy habits from sustaining 


Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Cost: Pay what you choose from $10 – $30. 

I’m offering this initial workshop on an “honor system” of pricing and ask you to contribute what you think is fair. I’ve chosen to go this route as a contributions help this project continue and the choose-your-own-prices it more accessible to more people.