Self Care Social Hours are FUN

What is the purpose of the Self Care Social Hour event?

Taking care of your health and wellbeing is easier said than done. We believe the social aspect of our project is a unique and powerful approach to making self-care more attainable.

Here are some reasons why hosting the actual social hour is important:

  1. We believe sharing our challenges, opportunities, and accomplishments in the pursuit of being healthier will help us learn from each other and encourage us to establish and maintain healthy choices. It helps keep the idea more present in our minds.
  2. We also believe this event is an opportunity to “walk the talk” and practice self-care through community, self-reflection, meaningful conversation, and relevant activities related to self-care.

What does it look and feel like?

The overall “vibe” of any Self-Care Social Hour event should be welcoming and down-to-earth. It should be a place to relax and hopefully even have fun. Each event takes on a different form because it should match the personality and culture of the people involved.

Many of our activities (especially earlier in the process) take on a playful and humorous tone because we believe it helps put people at ease. It also makes the topic more approachable and well, it’s just more fun!

(In the very near future… additional information will be posted in the resources section to talk more in-depth about the processes and activities of the event. Please check back soon!)

Upcoming events:

None scheduled at this time.

Past events:

Self-Care Social Hour Info Share (private event) 
Wednesday, 7/18/2018 @ Stockton, IL
Brought self-care information to a widow’s breakfast group and facilitated a group conversation.

Self-Care Social Hour Intro (private event)
Monday, 7/23/2018 @ Galena Cellars Vineyard, Galena, IL
Kickoff event to start the conversation of self-care and have some time to relax.

Monday, 8/27/2018 @ Galena Cellars Vineyard, Galena, IL (private event)
Follow-up event to continue the conversation of self-care and have some time to relax.

Interested in having a Self-Care Social Hour yourself? Please check out our resources or contact us for more information.

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