What is a Social Hour?

Self-Care Social Hours are opportunities (in-person, online, or over the phone) for meaningful, supportive, and fun conversations that acknowledge both the difficulty and importance of taking are of our health. We believe being connected to others is a powerful approach to making self-care more attainable.

Why Do Social Hours "Work"?

They’re engaging. Social Hours are fun! Activities are designed to involve everyone in a down-to-earth way. Humor is often used as a means to help people relax, participate, and connect.

They’re meaningful. Social Hours can be playful and lighthearted meet-ups, but they should always have moments of meaning. Self-Care is different for each person and we are intentional in digging up meaning for everyone.

They’re flexible. Social Hours can vary in location, overall “vibe”/goals of the group and activities, frequency of meeting, and duration. You can independently host your own events using SCSH resources or contact us to coordinate and/or facilitate events for you.

Let’s get started!

Start your own Social Hour!
  • Utilize our resources to host your own Social Hour
  • Contact us to coordinate and/or facilitate a customized event for you. 
Join a Social Hour near you!
  • Check below for upcoming events near you. 
  • Contact us to see if new things are brewing near you. 
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