Self-Care Strategy of the Week: Walk Away or Stick With It

Confession: this blog is stressing me out. I’m frozen with judgments about it all and it doesn’t feel good. Should I walk away from it or stay with it? Maybe it would be some good old-fashioned self-care in  abandoning this project altogether.

No, I know that’s not the answer. There are people and habits definitely worth walking away from (even necessary for our own health). But just as importantly, there are hard and important things worth sticking around for.

I think this blog is worth sticking around for… at least for me. Not sure about you, dear (non-existent) reader… I really value it and I shouldn’t let anxiety or self-doubts take that away from me. And if I’m being real with myself it’s not the blog/website that’s causing me stress – it’s really my thinking around it.

This week I’m going to really reflect on what’s worth sticking around for vs. what I just need to walk away from.

And I think that reflection is necessary. As a school social worker, one constant conversation I seem to have with my students (and with myself) is to the importance of recognizing short-term vs. long-term payoffs to our behaviors. For example, the short-term pay for me is to avoid this blog and the anxiety that comes with it. When I do this I’m sacrificing the longer-term pay-off that the blog provides me: the chance to have a meaningful outlet to engage with something that I truly value. And more than that, going after something that is meaningful to me in spite of the fears and anxieties that come with it is a powerful and healthy thing.

Here’s to going after what matters, even if it scares the hell out of you.




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