Welcome to Self-Care Social Hour! We’re excited to have you hang out and get your self-care party* on. Here are a few ways to join in:

  1. Learn more about the purpose/people behind the project
  2. Read and comment on the blog
  3. Say hi! on our site’s contact pageFacebook, Pinterest, or our sparse Twitter.

*When we talk party we don’t always mean streamers and cake and dancing with a lampshade on your head  (sometimes the party gets a little crazy), but we’re talking about coming together as a community to connect over the realities of taking care of our health. The truth is we try to have some fun and a sense of humor to liven it up, but we also make time to get serious – because, well, your health, my health, our health matters.

Our “social hours” come in many different forms – from well-organized meet-ups with handouts and activities to casual phone check-ins with friends (and everything else in between). We think having more of a support network helps make healthy happen. Join us as we try to figure this thing out.

We believe in self-care for all and the power of community in making that happen. 

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